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Centralization vs. Decentralization

The miracle of the Quran (the final testament) is, it is preserved because of its preserving model, it is decentralized and every node is known as Hafiz (Guardian). No single authority can modify it. In a nut shell, Quran is immutable with an exception, its hard cap had reached in the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), so no new block (verse) can be appended to it. Other scriptures got mostly overridden (though there are remnants of the prophetic original teachings) by centralized scholars/church councils who took full authority/control of religious matters (after their appointed prophet left this world), leaving no room for discussion [1].

For those who believe in higher power(s) may argue, why then the Godly matters not decentralized? Why the believers believe that there is only one God? Couldn’t it be decentralized through some Godly consensus model Well, The previous example of scriptures doesn’t imply that centralization is evil in its own. Just like Blockchain is not the solution for all of the problems humanity is facing today (Unlike some over optimistic, ignorant or fraudsters/scammers would say), decentralization, isn’t required everywhere. In fact, centralization of a higher power is a must <supportive arguments here>

One may bring up the discussion of origin of God (genesis block). Well, the difference between creation and creator is, creation (e.g. humans) have to have a genesis block, in our case, it was Adam (Peace be upon him), who was created by the creator in his original form without a mother or a father, however, that one creator has to have no origin or else we are never gonna come out of the nested loop of creation/creator (i.e. B created C, C created D, so who created B? ok. A created B, so who created A? there has to be a stop, shouldn't be?). Please don't bring the bogus theory of we were created by nature or just by an accident, because I am going to ask you Who created Nature or Who caused the Accident? and so on...

Is it hard to understand that God is there since forever and will be there forever? We ourselves (mankind and jinnkind) are immutable, means once created by God will live forever, we only transfer from one state to another. First, we were at the barzakh (limbo), then sent on this earth via the womb of our mother and will return back to barzakh once our allocated time is over in this world.

Back to our discussion over decentralization vs. centralization, if we say decentralization should be everywhere, we will be wrong. Somewhere down the line, we will be merging to a centralized power, be it an individual or a group of people, either a good entity (Allah, God, Rehman) or a bad entity (Satan and/or False God(s)). The choice to choose a side is ours and the decision remains in our hands (the offer is valid for limited time only) until we are transferred from one realm to another (i.e. Before Death).

[1] https://www.quora.com/Why-is-the-oneness-of-God-important-to-Christians

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